Operation Management Platform

Site and Survey

Collect Site Data

Whenever there is requirement of collecting data from a customer site, there should be a data collector and data monitoring module.

This module provide tools to design site survey steps and possibility of gathering, decorating and monitoring data from customer site by an agent.

Assets Manegement

Manage Assets

Assets are important part of any business specially when its part of the routines services they provide.

The asset management module handles complete lifecycle of Assets. From delivering as asset to warehouse, circulating it in the company to install at in endpoint or send it back to the provider.

Service Request

Field Agent Requests

It is common that the field agents need to ask for a service from the back office. This request may consist of many different type of data and also different level of dispatching among back office members.

The Service Request Module handles all kind of request which may be needed by the field operators and provide reliable access for them to the back office assistance.


Customer's information

Essential part of any service provider is the customers. The more they understand their customer, the better they can serve their service.

Customer information module represent maximum data of customers in an efficient user experience to enable the back office team to access the customer data quick and easy.



Asset Management

The filed operator may need to install, remove, change or troubleshoot the business assets which are installed in customer sites.

The mobile asset module assist the operator to keep track of assets lifecycle and input every step of operation over asset in the mobile app.

Job Details

Complete job description

Presenting all the steps and details which an operator may need to handle a job is integrated in this module.

Apart from delivering job information to the operator, gathering data about  every step of operation is another part of this module functionality.

All the steps of job operation can be changed by the Backoffice in the runtime without the need of mobile app update and no delay will occur in operation process.


Job materials

There are many materials needed for handling any job apart from the assets. They should always be available for the operator to get job done.

This module enables the operator to order the materials for each job in advance and receive them from the warehouse. Material orders can be tracked and followed by operator through this module.


To Do Job List

Every field operator should receive comprehensive, well described list of of tasks every day.

Job scheduling module of the mobile app deliver list of tasks with all the details and steps that the field operator should follow. The big advantage here is the possibility of reorganizing the job and task steps in runtime by operation back office. Any changes in the task steps will update mobile app immediately. It is a great tool for service provider to be more responsive to the real-time changes in the field.

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